Wax powder spraying drum (wax granulator), is used for spraying liquid paraffin wax into powder forms. The machine consists of wax heat preservation tank, spraying device, rotary drum, vibrating board, wax powder storage tank, distribution box.

Working process: First pour liquid wax into wax preservation tank. Liquid wax are pumped and sprayed into fine streams from spray bar nozzles. Sprayed wax cool down and freeze into wax powder on the drum via cooling water in the interlayer of drum. Wax powder are scrapped off while the drum rolls to blade part. Wax powder drop onto vibrating board and then jump into inside part of the drum for second time cooling. Finally finished wax powder go to powder storage tank. Wax powder are 0.3-0.5 mm round particle. They are used for compressed candle production.

The height of workshop for installing wax spraying drum is not less than 5 meters. The area is not less than 20 square meters.

Wax powder spraying drum is suitable for fully automatic compressed candle production with wax powder usage several tons per day.

technical datawax powder spraying drum
power supply380 V, 50 Hz, three phase
power18 KW
drum dimension (Dia.xH)1800×1800 mm
cooling water consumption15 m³/hour
cooling water temperature12-15 Celsius
compressed air consumption300 L/min
air pressure0.6-0.8 MPa
capacity500 kg/hour
machine dimension (LxWxH)3400 x 4080 x 2600 mm
machine weight2980 kg
wax powder spraying drum
wax powder spraying drum
wax powder
wax powder