Wick waxing machines are small type wax drawing machines. They are used for coating waxes on raw wick thread which is called as waxed candle wicks. The machine have automatic temperature control function and they are safe in wax melting process. The speed can be controlled by main motor. They are fully automatic and high efficient.

Working process: Raw wicks are wrapped onto the drums and dipped into wax heating preservation tank. After several times waxing, cooling, re-waxing and re-cooling of raw wicks, waxed wicks get the desired thickness and finally winded onto the reel.

The finished waxed wicks have smooth surface and good roundness. They can be further processed on wick cutting, wick crimping, wick inserting, or directly be used on fully automatic candle production line.

technical datawick waxing machines
power supply380 V, 50 Hz, three phase
power3 KW
wick diameter2-5 mm
wax heat preservation tank volume0.025 cbm
capacity2000 meters/hour
machine dimension (LxWxH)4300 x 800 x 1450 mm
machine weight200 kg
wick waxing machines
wick waxing machines
waxed candle wicks
waxed candle wicks