Wax powder spraying chamber, also called wax powder spraying tower, wax powder spraying house, is used for spraying liquid paraffin wax into powder forms. The machine consists of house body, air channel, air cooler, axial and radial air blowers, air flow adjusting window, nozzle pole, wax pump, control panel, wax preservation tank, distribution box.

Working process: First pour liquid wax into wax preservation tank. Liquid wax are pumped and sprayed into fine streams from spray bar nozzles. Sprayed wax cool down and freeze into powder due to upwards cold air from the bottom. Wax powder suspend at 12-20 cm above the mesh by air blow for further cooling process. Finally finished wax powder are collected into powder storage tank via sliding slot. Wax powder are 0.3-0.35 mm round particle. They are used for compressed candle production.

The height of workshop for installing wax spraying chamber is not less than 7 meters. The area is not less than 70 square meters. Wax powder spraying chamber height can be customized according to customer local temperature and workshop height.

Wax powder spraying chamber is suitable for fully automatic compressed candle production with wax powder usage dozens of tons per day.

technical datawax powder spraying chamber
power supply380 V, 50 Hz, three phase
power26.6 KW
number of nozzles100×4
power of radial and axial direction air blower15 KW, 7.5 KW
volume of radial and axial direction air blower29000 m3/hour, 29000 m3/hour
revolving number of radial and axial direction air blower1500 rpm, 1500 rpm
cooling water consumption10 m3/hour
cooling water temperature7-10 Celsius
hot water consumption3 m3/hour
compressed air consumption50 L/min
air pressure0.6 MPa
capacity800-850 kg/hour
machine dimension (LxWxH)8150 x 4620 x 7100 mm
machine weight6550 kg
wax powder spraying chamber
wax powder spraying chamber
wax powder
wax powder