Candle extruder pressing machines are used for extruding cylindrical household candles, by using paraffin wax solid or particle. The machine adopts plunger hydraulic system, PLC programming and frequency control of motor speed. The whole equipment runs stably and reliably. The machine can automatically complete whole process of wax feeding, extruding, wicking, cutting and trimming. The machine can also be used for producing pillar candle blanks which is widely used as candle core for pouring candle production.

Working process: The machine adopts reciprocating motion mode to realize extruding operation. Firstly wax immit, piston move forward and extrude wax solid to wax rod (with wick), then piston move backward for wax immit and repeat extruding process. Wax rod was cutted to requested length by cutting wheel and go to the conveyor belt for top and tail trimming, finally the finished candle completed.

The finished candle have smooth surface. Candle shape can be cylindrial or fluted. Candle top and tail shape can be customized.

technical datacandle extruder pressing machines
power supply380 V, 50 Hz, three phase
powermain motor 22 KW, feeding motor 6.8 KW
candle dimensionhousehold candles cylindrical/fluted: diameter 12-25 mm, length 100-300 mm
pillar blanks (for further process): diameter 30-50 mm, length can be adjusted
capacitycandle diameter 12-25 mm, length within 100-200 mm, 10000 pcs/hour
(capacity will be gradually less for candle length above 200 mm)
machine dimension(LxWxH)5800x7600x3000 mm
machine weight4600 kg
candle extruder pressing machines
candle extruder pressing machines
household candles
household candles